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HERB OF THE MONTH - MARCH | Herbs for period pain

Updated: Mar 11


Period pain relief & stemming heavy flows

Welcome back to 'Herb of The Month'! I've missed writing and sharing my knowledge, love and passion of holistic herbalism with you; so without further delay, let's go!

Lat summer I had the best time foraging, washing, drying and using this herb in Yoni steam blends. Honestly, - and you'll get used to reading this over and over - I had the best time reconnecting to nature and utting what I've learnt in the study of botany to practice. Mainly where to cut the herb so it can continue growing, taking only what I need so theres more than enough for bees...and how to avoid being stung by them, lol!

The more I do this, the more aligned and fulfiled I am as I get to share it here, in workshops and herbal blends with you. So thank you for being part of such a happy and wholesome journey :)

Here are a few basic facts:

  • Plant family - lamiaceae aka mint family

  • Botanical name - lamium album

  • Best time to plant/sow - December/January...hint: gather the seeds from herb to save for sowing

  • Best time to pick - March - December with April and May being the peak time it flowers


In botany, dead white nettle is known as an astringent and slight sedative, making it a compound herb, and excellent for period pain relief and lightening heavy blood flow. First of all, wow! How many of us wish we'd known this when we were younger? I remember being in secondary school in particular and having so much shame for having a period; I'd rush in the toilets when I was changing my pad (for the 100th time that day!) because I thought if I was there for longer than normal, everyone would know I was on my period and throw stones at me. No, really! And then being in pain whilst having to concentrate and be around people...yuck! My heart weeps for my younger self.

So how does this herb work? As a sedative, it works similar to an anti-molytic or relaxant (remember that from the previous post?) in that is creates a sense of calm and reduces anxiety. The difference though, is in the sedative element of reducing your awareness to your surrounding and limiting physical ability. That might sound not so nice, however, I'd recommend using this within a Yoni steam blend and steaming before bed or within a safely held steaming circle or 121.

Ever since discovering this herb and using it within a blend for my own Yoni steam, I've noticed a massive decrease of anxiety during PMS. For a lot of menstrual women, it's during this luteal phase of our cycle when, even though we're moving from the follicular to luteal phase, our oestrogen hormone level are still quite high; it's like they're fighting for the top spot! This, with a lack of societal and structural support for this time in our cycle, can cause stress, panic, bad-quality sleep and anxiety.

White dead nettle helped me to slow down - I mean, I didn't have much choice...remember it's ability to limit physical movement, lol! It helped facilitate deeper, slower breathing, finding what brings stillness to my soul in the midst of rising anxiety; it's like a coming home to self.

As an astringment, it causes your muscles and cells to contract, thus they release less blood. Now don't go thinking that you'll be feeling all backed-up with blood, no no! Or that it's contradictory as Yoni steaming relaxes muscles. This is what drives me passionately wild with the magic of herbs and our bodies; our vagus nerve (more about that in another post) is stimulated during a Yoni steam and knows exactly what is needed and when. This nerve is like a superhighway that sits at the bottom of your spine, travels up to your and is connected to EVERY system in your body, taking and delivering messages. Now if you remember from the previous posts, our pituitary gland is highy activated during a steam and also received messages. It'll take what's given from your vagus nerve, then decide when and how much of the lutenising hormone - the one that activates your period - to release and when, thus resulting in a lighter flow.


The idea can conjure up images of literally sitting still like you're meditating or something. However, it's about inner, not outer stillness and peace. If you can, experiment with fluid and playful movement. I really like dancing and yoga so I tend to do vinyasa and samba, however these require a lot of strength and energy (at least for me anyway!) and PMS calls for us to start slowing down. So I'd move on Wild Woman/Shakti yoga and ecstatic or belly dance as they have more room for expression, freedom and free-flowing. When I'm done, I always feel at peace.

Think about what movements - doesn't have to be exercise - you do and how you can alter it as you approach your period. If you're peri-menopausal you can do this too - it'll be great as a wellness practice to support yourself as your transistion into your powerful third act! If you have any in mind already, what are they? Comment down below if you care to share ❤️


That's all for today. I hope you found this to be an informative, educational and many even inspirational read; please let me know what you think:

  • too much information or not enough?

  • clear to understand or no?

  • etc

Look out for part 2 next week. Until then...


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