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Discover the Healing Benefits of White Dead Nettle for Menstrual Pain and Endometriosis



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Here are a few basic facts:

  • Plant family - lamiaceae aka mint family

  • Botanical name - lavandula angustifolia – meaning to wash and narrow-leaf

  • Best time to plant/sow - early spring time

  • Best time to pick - mid-summer through to late autumn/early winter. Hint: English lavender starts to slowly die after flowering

With March being endometriosis awareness month, this post is incredibly timely. However, EVERY month is an opportunity to continue raising awareness and providing holistic support for this condition. So let's go!

Endometriosis is misunderstood and often misdiagnosed. With so many people in the world experiencing this, why on earth - LITERALLY! - is this the case? MISOGYNY. Medical misogyny to be exact.

Endometriosis is one of the most painful diseases, that's right - it's a disease, in the world; it's even been compared to the labour and child-birth pain. But because it's women who have it...meh.

Doctors, GPs, gynaecologists and nurses will not take our pain seriously...

SIDENOTE: yet have taken YEARS to research, trial and release a male contracptive pill because cramps were one of its side effects. If this made you as mad as me, drop a 🤬below.

They also don't take in the time to do a full examination, will gaslight us by saying it's all in our heads, say we're attention seeking, suggest solutions that aren't always accessible, practical ortimely i.e. have a baby!

Luckily, Yoni steaming provides a gentle yet powerful relief that puts YOU in the driving seat. The same goes for other forms of inflammation such as fibroids.


  • Being passed from medical pillar to post

  • trialling/being given one medication after another

  • not being believed and having your experience dismissed/minimised due to someone elses lack of capacity

  • struggling to keeppp it all together - especially your relationships

  • only getting treatment once someone finally believes you


  • PAIN RELIEF!!!!!

  • Bi/tri-monthly Yoni steams

  • Reclaiming your life

  • Cultivating a harmonious relationshi with yourself and others

  • Being gently guided, supportes and nurtured on your healing journey

But wait, I sorta skipped a few steps! Let's get into the wonderful, healing herb that is white dead nettle for endometriosis and menstrual pain relief. It works by:

  1. relieving inflammation by reducing swelling due to its astringment property as a tannin

  2. reduces bleeding...thats the astringment kicking in again!

  3. activating your endocrine systemglands -these are resonsible for releasing hormones into your bloodstream.

So when you do a Yoni steam, the heat permeates through your pelvic system and up to your vagus nerve your internal, supernatural highway. Once this is activated and has picked up on the white dead nettle, it sends a message regarding what's needed for your inflammed cells, to your hypothalamus. This part of your brain then revs up your pituitary gland - where your hormones are made - and this engages your endocrine system to release the necessary hormones for a healthier menstruation. Such as the follicular stimulating and lutenising hormones. Don't forget that white dead nettle also has sedative properties too, so bring on the relaxation.

This herb goes really well with lavender - read here to find out why.


Shh...lean in close. Closer. I simply Yoni steam with it 2-3 times per month, especially during PMT in the lead up to my period. I used to have such painful periods that I dreaded them each month, yet 3 months into steaming, the pain subsided! I love it because no-one is involved I can fully relax, show up for myself and indulge in self-care.

Honestly, it makes me so mad that still to this day, we live in a world where endometriosis is just about being recognised - and with no apology by the way - and women only get help once believed and validated. Again, Yoni steaming puts you in the driving seat to reclaim your life and body once again.


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Would you like to know more or be guided on your journey to healing and wellness?


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