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Permission to create and be at PEACE

Here are a few basic facts:

  • Plant family - lamiaceae aka mint family

  • Botanical name - lavandula angustifolia – meaning to wash and narrow-leaf

  • Best time to plant/sow - early spring time

  • Best time to pick - mid-summer through to late autumn/early winter. Hint: English lavender starts to slowly die after flowering

Let's dive in! In part two I wrote about how lavender can help you breathe. Really breathe and some of the benefits that come from that.

There are loads of resources, materials, workshops, coaches and more teaching us all about the different ways to breathe. However, you're the only one who can do it. No-one can breathe for you, generate all the benefits for you and the same goes for using your breathe to help do the deep, inner work.

When I was at the beginning of my Yoni health journey, I was still of the mindset that I needed permission and validation from others. Now let me be clear: this was (and for some, still is) because of being a woman.

It was during these early stages that I saw the opporession of women as systematic, deliberate, planned. It's designed to disconnect us from our power. These things are put in place from girlhood to condition us to think we don't have any power - which is the biggest way we give it away - and to think our 'lesser than' state is normal.

I remember during my first Yon steam when the heat permeated through my muscles and my whole body going "aah.."

It felt great but my mind - in my traumatised state - was racing with so many negative thoughts:

"Who's gonna know I'm doing this?"

"Am I gonna be seen as a lustful, sinful, sleazy whore after this?"

"Is the ground gonna open up with the devils hand reaching up to grab and drag me into hell?"

"Will God strike me with lightning?"

Now before you think I have dramatic, hyperbolic tendencies, this is what I was taught are the fates of women who have an understanding of and relationship with their body.

Back to the Yoni steam! During it, something swtiched on inside of me: my power. My intuition said:

"You've given yourself permission to breathe. Now give yourself permission to create your own peace".

I was thinking "mate, have you lost your marbles?!" Surely peace is something external and you have to hustle, work, fight for it? Oh little Em....I weep for that version of myself. If only I knew then what I know now: peace is a process you create by being intentional with your energy.

TW....grab your lavender and do deep breathing before reading on

After about 6-8 Yoni steams, ish hit the fan: the guy who had abused me was released from custody. Yeah. He was bragging about and justifying his attack on social media, loads of people were defending him and victim-shaming and blaming me.

Make no mistake about it, this was difficult to deal with. However, Yoni steaming helped me to reconnect with myself and learn (and unlearn, hallelujah!) how misogyny weaves its web in all areas of society. So by this time, I was much better at at least conscious of where my energy was going. It was towards whatever faciliatated the creation of peace.

I was longer part of the community that defended this guy. Stopped going to the same events and hang-out spots. If and when we saw eachother in th street, I kept it short and sweet....or just moving! I no longer needed that validation, recognition or to be seen and heard.

I look back and think how something as simple as having an intention coupled with herbs can make such a huge difference. If I haven't said it already:


To this day, I've held on to the committment, eight years on, to create and protect my peace....with the heal of lavender. Which brings me to....



Every three months I have a self check-in where I do an inventory check in all areas of my life, intentions, mental health, take a look at what's serving me and what isn't. etc. I make it a solo date night with a Yoni steam, candles everywhere, nice fragrances, a nice outfit and even go out to dinner. Just me, myself and I.

It can be anxiet-inducing especially if I know I've fallen short, have to hold myself to account and dig deeper. The "worst" bit is when I know change is coming which is upsetting to my central nervous system. But alas, the Yoni steam puts my whole being into a state of calm.

A few days before my self check-in, I regularly sniff lavender and practice deep breathing which helps create a sense of inner calm.

In the lead up to my period, I use my holisitically blended Yoni oil and Massage Balm - both of which have lavender in them - to help increase the amount of oxygen and fresh blood to my Yoni and chest areas. It's such a great way to reconnect with yourself during this time and set up for a pain-free period too!

Would you like a copy of my self check-in list?

  • Yes

  • No

Now that you've read a bit more about how Yoni steaming and working holistically with lavender has helped me...what are you waiting for?

Take a look at my offerings so you too can reconnect with yourself for an authentic life!

This concludes the first herb of the month! I've loved writing this and can only hope you've enjoyed reading it as much. Also, I hope you've felt encourged to reconnect to yourself and herbs to transform into a more grounded and powerful version of yourself.

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Next up: White Dead Nettle

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