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Hamd holding small cosmetic bottle

Yoni Oil


Reclaim your sense of touch and restore pH balance with this uplifting, holistic and botanical oil 🌿

Break the stigma and shame of self-touch with this oil and rediscover the benefits of it! And just think about it…how many people have access to your vulva? Doctors, gynaecologists, partners? But not you: that’s madness and it ends today, Queen/Quxxn!

This oil:

🌹increases oxygen and blood circulation
🌹reduces ingrown hair and scars from shaving
🌹restores natural pH balance
🌹helps you carve out time for self-care
🌹facilitates a healthy, inner conversation
🌹helps YOU rediscover, reclaim, reconnect to and redefine YOUR vulva

🌹feels good when you walk 😉


Queen/Quxxn, it's time to reclaim your throne!

  • Ingredients

    All ingredients are organic:

    🌿Coconut oil

    🌿Grapeseed oil

    🌿 Jojoba oil

    🌿Red rose petals

    🌿Marigold petals

    🌿Holy basil


  • How to use

    Rub a small amount between your palms and apply on to your vulva, daily. External use only.

    Caution: don't use if you have cuts, tears, sore or an untreated infection.

  • Storage

    Store out of direct sunlight.

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