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Woman sat in field with bowl of herbs


Founder | Rule-breaker | Trauma-informed space holder

Hello, I'm Emma Etaka, the driving force behind Mama Luna, where holistic healing meets empowerment for women.

Mama Luna was born from my journey of rediscovery and empowerment after enduring child to adulthood trauma, including a toxic relationship that led to a domestic violence attack. Through this adversity, I realised the societal norms that perpetuated abuse against women and decided to reclaim my power.


Since 2016, I've been dedicated to guiding others on their healing journey as a Yoni steam facilitator, herbalist, and women's circle holder, specializing in menstrual cycle education and trauma recovery. Whether you seek support with healing trauma or navigating your menstrual cycle, I'm here to help.


Together, let's rediscover, reconnect to, and redefine your true self. Queen, it's time to reclaim your throne.

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Happy woman holding candle in forest


The vision here is that worldwide, women will have autonomy, agency and freedom. For us to be grounded in and guided by our intuition, inner wisdom, emotions just as much as logic and clarity of thinking.


 So basically, our human rights! 

Yoni steam seat with green cushion


What we stand for

Woman smiling with bowl of herbs


For indigenous and traditional healers. Including medicine women, wise women, witches, shamans, traditional doulas & midwives.

woman by a tree in nature


In harmony with nature. Mother Earth is a living, breathing creator, not something for us to commodify & misuse.

woman free in nature


Societal norms and narratives for women. If its for us, it should come from us, periodt!

woman with hand to her heart


Autonomy, agency, freedom, self-love, self-care, self-worth, self-value and more for women.

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