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Small cosmetic jar with wooden pestle and mortar

Massage balm


Reclaim and reconnect to your body that bit more with this massage balm!

Handmade with essential oils to relax and uplift, it makes it even easier for you to soothe away cramps and pains in the lead up to and during menstruation.

The best time to use this is at the first sign of cramps, pains and soreness….aka PMT/PMS - the last phase in your cycle and right before your bleed 🩸 It’ll help to circulate fresh oxygen, blood and nutrients around your Yoni - especially endometrium.

Why not take this even further by buying a Yoni steam seat and Yoni steam herbs for the perfect period?

  • Ingredients

    All organic:

    Shea butter

    Coconut oil

    Castor oil

    Sweet almond oil

    Grape-seed oil

    Lavender, jasmine and rose essential oils

  • How to use

    External use only!

    Simply get a small amount, rub between hands to warm up and use on lower abdomen and breast area….or wherever you choose!

    You can use it on your outer Yoni but not internal.

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