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Range of African-print eye masks

Satin | scented | sleep - eye mask

Rediscover better sleep with a satin, smooth, scented eye mask.


Sleep is a hormonal process that helps to reset and balance you body, mind and soul. So why not rejuvenate, relax or destress yourself with this...?


Filled with organic red rose petals and lavender, these African print, refillable eye masks are the perfect touch to aid better rest.


Simply rub together on the satin side - nice touch, eh? - slide down over your eyes and slip into a deep, restful sleep. 


When the scent from the herbs run out, simply unzip, pour out and replace. This is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else...why not use while you rest after a Yoni steam? 


  • Care instructions

    Wash on on 20 or 30 degrees cycle or wash by hand. 

    Please note that on the prints with glitter, these will wash off over time.

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