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Woman holding and looking at bowl of herbs

Fertility| Blend

Reconnect to your cycle and boost your fertility!

Holistically blended and made with ayurdevic herbs such as ‘shatavari’ and ‘damiana’, this blend is specially designed to help increase your fertility and chances of conception.

The best time to use this is 2/3 days after menstruation in preparation for pre-ovulation and ovulation. If you have fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS then use 3/4 days after menstruation.

  • Ingredients



    Red rose petals





    Blue lotus

    Raspberry leaf



  • How to use

    ✨Place herbs in a bowl (not plastic or similar) and pour boiling hot water over to cover

    ✨ Stir, cover the bowl and leave for 5 minutes

    ✨Uncover and place in/under your Mama Luna Yoni steam seat - LEAVE TO COOL DOWN until desired temperature

    ✨ Enjoy for 30-40 minutes, twice per month

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