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dom., 13 de jun.



The Enchantrix Yoni Steam: Step into the power of PMS!

A Yoni steaming workshop calling on the magic and mysticism of the pre-menstrual phase of our menstrual cycle.

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The Enchantrix Yoni Steam: Step into the power of PMS!
The Enchantrix Yoni Steam: Step into the power of PMS!

Horário e local

13 de jun. de 2021, 18:00 – 21:00 GMT+1


Sobre o evento

Dearest Queens,

I'd like to invite you to a Yoni steaming workshop and sister circle, but with a difference. This is a Yoni steaming workshop calling on the magic and mystery of this part of your cycle: PMT/S

Intrigued...? Carry on reading!

So first of all, let's talk Yoni steaming. This isn’t a fad or an extravagant spa treatment. It’s a time-tested healing experience that helps you to relax and get back to yourself. It’s a chance for women to rediscover the balance within and give our wombs the love and care that befits the beautiful, sacred source of our femininity.

Yoni steaming is also about giving women the chance to take back control of our personal health. By using carefully selected botanical infusions, we can use the gifts of the earth to support and nourish our wombs. can purchase your very own Yoni steam seat in time for this workshop - go to the shop page.

Now, The Enchantrix...and why!

The patriarchy has told us that this part of our cycle makes us emotionally unstable, unreliable and you guessed it, crazy! We're none of these - this time is magical and The Enchantrix/tress archetype is perfect to work with during this time. She teaches us how to go within, dream bigger, focus on our vision and tune into that silence that'll teach us how to make a noise to shake this world! PMT.

This is a time when our bodies and our energies are transitioning between ovulation and the breaking down of our endometrium; we have a cocktail of hormones rushing through our bodies. Yoni steaming balances out these hormones and helps us to direct our creative power during this time.

Want to learn more and be gently guided as you take the steps towards finding your own inner strength...?

In this workshop, this sister circle of safety and a judgement-free, we'll:

  • learn about Yoni steaming
  • learn the basics of our body systems
  • have an embodiment session
  • learn about herbs and their properties - herbs will be provided for you. Please send your address once purchasing your ticket so I can send them to you on time
  • openly talk about and share our ideas on how to work with PMT/S
  • and do the sacred Yoni steam

Another element that I'm excited to add to this workshop: plant alchemy! I've been developing a deeper relationship with herbs and asking them for guidance. And I'll be sharing the wisdom of them both with you - I can't wait!

Please check the FAQs or get in touch, plus please let me know if you have any injuries or mobility issues in regard to the embodiment session.

You also have the opportunity to buy your very own Yoni steam seat, or 'throne' as I like to call it! Check out the Mama Luna shop to see what thrones are available; the cut off date for ordering is one week before the workshop.

THERE ARE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Due to the economic situation we're in, I want as many women to be able to afford to join this workshop. So choose whichever ticket price you can afford - you'll get access to the full workshop with all of them.

I'm looking forward to reclaiming our peace and thrones together, Queen x

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