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PERIOD POWER 🩸6-weeks Coaching

Rediscover your authentic menstrual cycle with these gentle, guided sessions

  • 3 hr
  • 720 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

*it's not £720 per session - that's for the whole six weeks. Rediscover, reclaim, reconnect to and redefine YOUR period! . Do you struggle with: 🩸cramps and pains 🩸an irregular cycle 🩸intermittent spotting 🩸a heavy flow 🩸long duration of bleeding 🩸low energy 🩸nausea/vomiting And do you have: 🩸fibroids 🩸PCOS 🩸endometriosis 🩸cysts 🩸fertility problems 🩸adenomyosis you: 🩸want to develop a better relationship with your/the period 🩸don't identify as a woman but have a Yoni and want to manage your/the period 🩸want a more holistic and natural approach instead of Western medicine 🩸need support as you enter/prepare for menopause 🩸want to connect to/explore your feminine energy... This is a personalised coaching service with a focus on helping you with your period concerns. Not only that, this is intended for you to have kinder thoughts towards your periods, thus making you a much safer space for yourself. Sound weird....? Well, how many of us think negatively towards ourselves during our period....every month? That can't be let's change this! This coaching service includes: 🩸Guided Yoni steams 🩸Period Power Yoni steam blend 🩸Guided movements and exercise plan 🩸Dietary and herbal support plan 🩸Journal prompts & role-plays to help change your narrative and reclaim your period power! 🩸How to use PMT/PMS to prepare for your period 🩸The 'Sacred Cycle' chart 🩸PERIODT! tea You get 6 sessions lasting 2 hours each. I would recommend spreading these sessions over 2 months so you get 3-4 guided Yoni steams. In terms of booking sessions, I'm flexible, however, it would be great to aim to meet/talk every 7 days. This is so I can keep you on track with your goals without too much time passing for old habits to creep back in. Once you've booked your first appointment, I'll send you a Calendly link to get the rest booked in. Love, light and Yoni health, Emma

Contact Details

Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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