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Woman holding bowl of herbs, sat in field

Yoni Steam Herbs - Personalised

Dearest Queen,


Are you ready to unleash the power of herbs and reconnect your your feminine essence?


Yoni steam herbs are not only beautiful to look at and smell lovely, they are the medicine! You can also use them to support your emotional and spiritual needs so it helps to set an intention for your steam.


It's my pleasure to be able to support you on your Yoni journey by providing a personalised pack of organic herbs, perfectly tuned to you. After purchasing, get in touch to book your consultation.


The oils from herbs are what are released into your blood stream, activate your central nervous system, parts of your brain and correspond to particular parts of your body system. And let's not forget how they make your Yoni that's magic! 


This is why it's important you don't attempt to blend herbs if you're NOT a herbalist.


How to use them:

  • Boil your water - kettle or stove
  • Pour hot water over your herbs
  • Stir and cover for 5-10 minutes
  • Place directly under your Yoni and wrap a blanket around your waist to keep the heat in
  • Enjoy for the next 30-40 minutes


Find out the benefits of Yoni steaming here.


Sizes available:

  • Regular = 4 steams
  • Large = 8 steams 


Why not buy a bowl for your herbs? And check out the video on how to do a Yoni steam at home for the best results.


Remember to book your consultation - looking forward to speaking with you, Queen!

  • Care instructions

    Leave in a cool, dark place to keep the herbs as potent as possible.

    Use 200-250ml of water for each Yoni steam that you do.

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Yoni steam herbs
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