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mar. 09 juil.



Reconnect & Redefine MY Body

Join this fun & creative workshop to reclaim a healthy relationship with YOUR body!

Reconnect & Redefine MY Body
Reconnect & Redefine MY Body

Heure et lieu

09 juil. 2024, 19:30 – 21:00 UTC+1


À propos de l'événement

Join this fun & creative workshop to reclaim a healthy relationship with YOUR body!

In a world where our bodies are often subjected to scrutiny and control, cultivating a positive and nurturing relationship with ourselves can feel like an uphill battle. From the reemergence of harmful practices like FGM to the policing of women's clothing and the pervasive influence of casual sexism, our autonomy and agency are constantly under threat.

For many of us, this oppressive environment has led to feelings of shame and disconnection from our bodies. From a young age, we've been taught that our bodies are not our own, but rather objects for others' desires or targets for violence. This messaging, compounded by societal norms and expectations, can make it challenging to assert our own needs and boundaries.

My own journey towards reclaiming my body and power has been one of introspection, resilience, and self-discovery. Growing up in an environment where physical violence and religious teachings stripped me of my autonomy, I learned to suppress my intuition and ignore my inner voice. It wasn't until my Yoni steaming journey and years of inner work that I began to challenge these harmful beliefs and redefine my relationship with my body.

Through this process, I learned the importance of setting boundaries, advocating for myself, and reclaiming ownership of my body on my own terms. It wasn't always easy, but with each step, I felt myself reclaiming a sense of agency and empowerment.

Now, I invite you to join me in this journey of reclamation and renewal. In our safe and supportive sister circle, we'll explore creative exercises and grounding practices to help you reconnect with your body and voice. Together, we'll rewrite the narratives that have kept us small and reclaim the power and beauty that resides within us.

So gather your papers and coloring pencils, and let's embark on this transformative journey together. 

Queen, it's time to reclaim your throne👑💖 

#BodyReclamation #SelfEmpowerment #SisterCircle


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