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dom, 30 abr


Steam Out The Ex (And Other Love Stories!)

Steam Out The Ex (And Other Love Stories!)

Reclaim your authenticity and show up healthy and whole in relationships!

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Steam Out The Ex (And Other Love Stories!)
Steam Out The Ex (And Other Love Stories!)

Horario y ubicación

30 abr 2023, 18:00 – 21:00 GMT+1

Steam Out The Ex (And Other Love Stories!)

Acerca del evento

Reclaim your authenticity and show up healthy and whole in relationships!

Single? Partnered? Situationship?....It's complicted? Even #teamcelibate like me, yes! Or maybe you want just a good ol' cleanse before you get with someone new? Been there 🙋🏾‍♀️ Whatever situation you're in, it's likely you feel there's something missing, off, not quite right. 

That thing is YOU! 

A grounded, healthy, whole, conscious, active-participant YOU.

Often times in whatever style of relationship you're in - even if you're single and/or casually dating - we as women aren't coming from a place of authenticity. We've learnt from conditioning, taught behaviour, media, societal values and more that:

  • our value is external and must seek approval from men
  • to be a woman is to be married (to a man) and make this the ultimate goal, thus making men the key and giving them power
  • we need to sacrifice/submit parts of ourselves...mostly our selfhood and soul!
  • encourages internal misogyny
  • and much more that's disempowering

This separates you from your intuition, disconnects you from your own true thoughts and feelings so you end up taking on someone else's. Maybe it even left you in your pick-me phase a little longer than you were meant to be. No judgement, I've been there, sis!

None of this ever centred YOU. Where was the talk about self-pleasure, exploring YOUR options (heck, you didn't even know you had option, right!), what YOU like, using YOUR voice? Coming up empty, right? Same. Coz they never existed. And just think about the impact this has had on you and other women. The:

  • experiences of negative mental health
  • lack of self-confidence, belief, esteem..."what's wrong with me?", "I'm broken", "I need fixing"....sound familiar 👀
  • scared to fully show up out of fear they'll leave....honey, it's a blessing, trust 🧘🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️
  • disconnection to self, automony and agency
  • toxic-af ish that we normalised....urgh!!!!!


Say goodbye to all the above and "hey Queen" to being centred👏🏾 grounded👏🏾whole👏🏾 present👏🏾authentic👏🏾once more in yourself and relationships. Again, the single and celibate crew are welcome. That's where I'm at right now and it's this exact journey you're about to embark on that lead to what's most authentic to me right now. 

Speaking of....


My name is Emma Etaka - I'm the founder of Mama Luna, herbalist, hedgewitch and.....girl, lemme be honest, I've been about every type of pick-me, in wrong affffffff relationships, any male attention-seeker, daddy-issues poster girl, heauxing around gal. Hey, just being honest🤪

It was at the beginning of my Yoni steam journey that I wanted to find out why I kept on experiencing abuse from men in romantic and sexual interactions. Yoni steaming helped me to get to a place of truth and more importantly accountability; it was only then that I was able to see why and where I was giving away my power. Then came self-love, coming from a place of authenticity....and I lived happily ever after❤️Okay, there were a few more steps...


Here's where it gets exciting! So first of all, let me be clear about what this workshop is not gonna be:

  • a chance to sit around and bitch 
  • spell work or Yoni activations
  • a lesson on activating your dark, mysterious feminine energy to make him lust after you


  • do a gentle, guided Yoni steam - specially blended herbs will be sent to you once you've purchased your ticket 
  • be in a safe sister circle to have real talk
  • be given prompts that will help you take accountability, realise and release harmful patterns - the prompts will be printed and sent along with the herbs 
  • rediscover, reconnect to and reclaim your authentic self in love, thus work on YOUR standards, boundaries, value and worth 
  • do role-play....oi, cheeky, not that kind!
  • begin to establish healthier habits with ideas for self-date nights, a love letter and committment to self
  • find that love and magic within so you no longer seek it externally 

If this resonates with you, you know what to do.


  • a Yoni steam seat or apparatus - buy yours here
  • a non-plastic bowl to hold your herbal mixture  - buy yours here 
  • a blanket or towel
  • pen and paper/notebook/journal


  1. Can I steam on my period? Soz, you can't....wait 2/3 days after to do it
  2. Can I steam with a coil? Again, soz, you can't. A smokeout is an alternative so let me know if you'd like this option. I'll explain when/if you email about it
  3. What if I can't attend anymore? You can get a refund 3 days before the workshop or keep hold of it for another time 

Queen, it's time to reclaim your throne 👑


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    This is a full-priced ticket. Herbs and prompt-printout are included with this ticket.

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